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Fallout 4: 10 Things I’ve found across the Commonwealth

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I’ve been playing Fallout 4 for the week, and it has completely taken over my life. The whole world of the Commonwealth is absolutely huge, and I’ve already found myself making a new life as my sarcastic, renegade persona. However, even in a world where getting shot at is your general occupation, there’s quite a few funny little things about the Commonwealth. Here are some things I’ve found whilst trekking around the Fallout 4 world.

1. Even in a world of nuclear bombs, cannibals & killer crabs, Fallout 4 still has room for Harem!

This was something that made me raise one eyebrow. Generally the hacking mini game comes with a lot random words as potential passwords to the machine. You’ll find words such as, there, looks and raise. However, I didn’t expect to get the word Harem as the password to this machine! Context: Harem is a genre of Japanese anime in which a lot of girls are trying to win the love of one guy. Hmm. even harem exists in fallout 4

2. The raiders like to do the some bad things to the fallout folk but…

Even I couldn’t help but laugh at the death that this guy suffered whilst stuck in a basket ball hoop. This is one of the many different things you’ll find raiders doing towards the poor folk of the commonwealth, one of which you’ll find further down the page (be advised: it’s quite graphic!)

raiders in fallout 4 seem to like playing basket ball with dead bodies

3.Fallout 4 has a hidden secret that it wants you to find…

who's that driving the bus in fallout 4 It’s full of hidden teddy bears! If you look in the right places, you’ll find a bear. I’ve already seen a bear with glasses sitting on the toilet, so I’m expecting many more to be found across the fallout world. We all know there’s going to be two bears in bed together, or perhaps a secret bear society, so it’s up to us to find them! oh it's just teddy the bear driving the bus in fallout 4

4. Just like Elder Scrolls, Sweet Rolls also exist in Fallout 4!

even sweet rolls exist in fall out 4 The signature sweet roll has been a fan favourite since the release of Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, and since then has featured in many of Bethesda’s games. Unfortunately these versions of the acclaimed sweet roll don’t look as yummy. In fact they rather look like cow dung.

5. There’s a poor old sod, who never got to ride his trolley

As usual, Fallout is full of little funny easter eggs. This one was rather brilliant but a tad sad, as the guy never got to live his dream of riding the trolley down the ramp. Naturally I didn’t want to deny him, so I gave him a push. fallout 4 skelton trolley Unfortunately, Bethesda still need to work out the kinks in their physics engine. fallout 4 skelton trolley fail

6. In a world where skulls & bones litter the streets…

There’s always that one person who can find that silver lining! I found this skull whilst cleaning out a raiders den, down in the subway.

bull skull with snooker balls for eyes

7. There are some Robots that really want to wish you a big surprise!

8. I’ve seen my share of weird stuff in the fallout series, but…

This is definitely up there in the, ‘What did I just see’ scenes. This is probably one of the most graphic corpses I’ve seen in Fallout, though I must admit I have also seen some other nightmares come close. (Attention: This one is pretty graphic, so if you’re squeamish, click the image to find out!)   Fallout 4 it will head your head

9. When you go through Fallout 4’s Commonwealth, look out for the small things!

There’s a lot of stuff that you may miss if you don’t look everywhere. As we know with Elder Scrolls, Bethesda love to put easter eggs and nods to how corrupt the world was in fallout, prior to when the bombs fell. See the screenshot below. I found this preacher at a church in Concord, lying on his lectern with a gun and money underneath! Says a lot about the world doesn’t it? fallout 4 church reverend who loves his money and guns

10. Finally, even though Fallout 4 features robotic technology that’s well ahead our own…

They too are prone to bugs.

Bonus: More Bugs!!!

I couldn’t leave the list without showing off a couple of the glitches I’ve found in fallout 4. So here they are!
As you can probably see, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a long time now, but I’m betting there’s probably many more secrets and funny things yet to be discovered. Comment below and tell us what funny things you’ve found in Fallout 4!

  • Dicky Turnspike

    ‘harem’ isn’t that unusual a word. It just refers to a group of women who belong to one man.