How Much?: Oculus Rift Pre-Order Goes Live!

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As of today, 06/Jan/2016, The long-anticipated Oculus Rift consumer model has finally been made available for pre-order. Oculus, who have kept the price a secret right up until launch, have set the figure at more-or-less the expected, domestic consumer price of $599 (That’s between £410 & £500 in real money). For your money, the bundle ships with:
  • The Oculus Rift Headset
  • Sensor
  • Oculus Remote
  • Cables
  • Xbox One Controller
  • EVE: Valkyrie & Lucky’s Tale
When you take into account the £45 retail price of an XBone controller, plus the cost of two launch-title games, the price tag actually ends up lower than expected. I know what you’re thinking: “Yes. They are very cheap. I will buy two!”. However, they are currently limited to just one per customer, which is fine for us mere mortals who can only afford that many. Expected to ship April 2016, we don’t yet know how the bundle will fare up against the HTC VIVE, which showcases from today at CES 2016 until the 9th. The event is expected to demonstrate everything consumers could possibly want to know about the model, including technical specifications and a potential release date! Which headset are you more excited about? Which one do you think will set the standard for VR gaming, if at all? Let us know either in the comments or on Twitter @gamefaceshow. UPDATE: Since this article was written, the “expected ship date” has been moved from April to May. As of this update, there are no blog entries on the Oculus site to explain why this is.