2xAA: Sam Wray Is A Legend, Here’s Why #gayforthewray

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We’re very happy to introduce the first of our three part series starring 2xAA : Pocket Operator Tutorial. Over the next few videos he’s going to get deep and very specific with this wonderful piece of kit available from Teenage Engineering. It doesn’t end there though, Sam Wray also joined us on GameFace for Valentine’s Day, bringing live performances and updates on his many projects, including the µCollective community and modV; his gorgeous visualisation creation.  We also gave a full reaction to the first Chip Battles and the launch of Chip Bit Day; a crowd funded chiptune event, in Manchester on April 23rd 2016. Player not compatible with your device? Click HERE for other listening and download options or go to our radio page.

2xAA Podcast Playlist

2xAA - Run With Me (Live LSDJ)
2A0X - Ambush (Dion Blaster Remix)
Jellyatrix - Challenge Accepted!
Shirobon - Fox
2xAA - Once A New (Live LSDJ)
HarleyLikesMusic - Anchor to Reality
J3WEL & 2xAA - Move On
2xAA - Self Destruct (Live LSDJ)
Nanode - New Horizons
2xAA - Get Away
Dream*Eater & Mizkai - Serenity
Auracle - Can't Get A Break (Live LSDJ)
Gwem- Amiga Style
Mpegasus - SIGNALost

Thanks for making GameFace so good for the team, keep an eye out for Part 2. This series gets so good.