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After a successful partnership with Electronic Sports League, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is about to drop its biggest update yet. Available tomorrow, ‘Operation Dust Line’ delivers the second wave of seasonal content as well as various new features and tweaks to the core game for the incredible price of free. Let’s take a look at what Dust Line has to offer:


Joining Siege‘s roster of tough nuts and badasses, Navy SEALS Blackbeard and Valkyrie promise to deliver new methods of tactical play. Dust Line Operators are immediately unlocked for Season Pass owners with exclusive access granted for seven days, but they can be purchased with Renown points earned in-game.

Craig “Blackbeard” Jenson joins the Attackers, equipped with the TARS (Transparent Armoured Rifle Shield) Mk 0; a prototype based on armor shield technology for tank gunners. With this shield, Blackbeard increases his mobile protection without diminishing his field of vision. A creative middle-ground between shield-carriers and ranged Operators, it’ll be interesting to see how players utilise this skill. Meghan J. “Valkyrie” Castellano sides with the Defenders and with her “Black Eye” sticky camera, she gives the team a new eye in the sky. Previously limited to fixed CCTV cameras, now the Defenders will have new options when it comes to enemy surveillance.

New Map – ‘Border Control’

Included in the Dust Line update, Border Control is a free new map that’s sure to test newcomers and veterans alike.

Based in the Middle East, Team Rainbow has been called in to assist local law enforcement regain control of the border. A mix of old and new construction and open air pathways, this is the most destructible and open map to date.

Advanced Customisation

Operation Dust Line comes with a selection of free and purchasable weapon skins – USA Desert Camo, Dust Line Signature, Navy SEAL and more. Skins will be available in bundles or individually. The update also brings two brand new customisation options that will add style and flair to your Operators.

Swap out your operator’s headgear from basic camo upgrades to high quality military and fantasy gear. Unlock new gear using Renown, R6 Credits, or a combination of the two. Headgear ranges from 5,000 Renown or 120 R6 Credits for Basic Camo to 30,000 Renown or 720 R6 Credits for Tier 3 headgear.

You can now equip your weapon with a lucky charm before going into battle. Whether you want to rep your favorite operator, a Rainbow Six medal or a unicorn… well that’s up to you!


Along with new content, Dust Line brings a plethora of welcome gameplay changes to further balance and enrich the experience.

Taking cues from titles like Overwatch and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIthe new post-match results screen for Siege swaps out a boring graphic for a winning team victory pose. It’s a neat little addition that shows off the new gear as well as your superiority as a squad. After much demand, Ubisoft have finally added loadout customisation in-game, meaning that players can adapt to the mission at hand. A new option will allow players to cancel the placement of their gadgets, increasing reaction time in tight situations.  

Along with these new features, Dust Line brings the standard revisions to the core gameplay. Though more details will be revealed in Ubisoft’s patch notes, some of the confirmed changes sound promising. I.Q.’s electronics gadget, Montagne’s shield and Tachanka’s LMG have all been improved whilst various weapon and gadget tweaks have been implemented across the board. 

As a huge fan of Rainbow Six, it’s awesome to see Siege get a solid update like this. With two seasonal updates left to go and regular patches in between, now is a great time to pick up a copy and experience one of the most exciting titles around. Whilst we count down the hours until Dust Line drops, check out screenshots and concept art below!

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