While My Guitar Gently Bleeps: A Chiptune Documentary

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We are joined by Benn Cordrey, producer of While My Guitar Gently Bleeps, a 30 minute radio documentary exploring Chiptune and video game music. Isy Suttie goes on a surprising journey which combines her love of gaming and music. She discovers a world of exciting technical achievements, both past and present, which bring you the music we love so much here at GameFace. 

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We are so happy over at GameFace that Chiptune is getting this kind of mainstream exposure, opening up the scene to an entirely new set of ears. Huge respect to Benn making the effort to reach out to the likes of Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish, SuperByte, Chiptunes = Win, .mpegasusAuracleJoe BleepsSteve McNeil & Aoife Wilson. This really is something to be celebrated and we hope it’s another step on the road to more Chip-Musicians making a living out of doing what they love. 

UK BBC SHOW PAGE – with behind the scenes video, articles and pictures.
INTERNATIONAL PODCAST – minor changes to copyrighted music mean anyone can enjoy the show. 


Nitro Fun – New Game
RubenK – Crash Bandicoot Main Theme [Dubstep Remix]
Yuzo Koshiro – Attack The Barbarian [Streets of Rage Boss Theme]
Shinichi Sakamoto – Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap – The Last Dungeon
Jon Hare – Cannon Fodder: Recruitment Theme (Amiga)
Mega Ran – No Choice
Vex’d – Pacman (Remix)
Goombah – Super Mario Bros (Remix)
Allegro – Pheonix Wright (Remix)
Condukta – 8Bit Crush
Ephixa & Holder – Final Fantasy VII: Victory Fanfare (trap remix)
Bayonetta OST – Fly Me To The Moon (Climax)
Witcher 3 OST – The Hunter’s Path
Auracle – Rainwalker
RichaadEB – Starfox 64: Boss B Metal cover
Solid State Disaster – What The Devil Brought Home (Feat. Brooks Bracken)
Ctrix – Rave Miricle (I believe)
Moonwalker OST – Bad
Hoffman_IV – Through Thick and Thin
Kenobit – Nightmare
Panda Eyes – Nostalgia 64
  • Mark Penrice

    Between the tunes and the interviews I’d say each thing gets about a minute each with some very short commentary linking each one? How do you squeeze things in to such a short slot? An hour would have been nice 😀 though I know you’re limited in what’s available.

    A lot of these were played last night weren’t they?

    Or am I getting very badly confused?

    (my current location means I can’t actually play any streams, at least not until lunch)