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Following the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad in cinemas, Detective Comics are preparing for the upcoming Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Looking to continue the success of the ‘Rebirth’ initiative which launched in May, JL vs. SS promises to be the first of many epic event storylines within the comic-book continuity.


A six-part series beginning in December (and crossing over into Justice League and Suicide Squad‘s issues), the event will pit Batman and his fellow heroes against Amanda Waller’s band of antiheroes and villains. Little is known about the story so far, except that Killer Frost will be a focus character and the two sides will have to unite against a common enemy. Here’s an early synopsis from the Detective Comics Official Press Release:

“The day that Amanda Waller has long dreaded has finally come to pass: the Justice League has discovered the existence of Task Force X! America’s paragons of truth and justice won’t take well to a government-sponsored team of black ops super-villains (with bombs implanted in their heads), but before the Justice League can shut down the Suicide Squad, a bigger problem looms: another deadly strike team is lurking in the shadows, one that could expose dark secrets throughout the DC Universe, with ties to the hidden truths of REBIRTH. Longtime enemies such as Batman and Deadshot, the Flash and Boomerang, and Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn will have to put aside their differences when an evil threat once thought lost to the DC Universe makes their return.”

As the war rages on between Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. in cinemas and on home video, DC are pulling no punches when it comes to delivering on the comic-book front. With high sales and high praise so far, here’s hoping they continue to develop ‘Rebirth’ into something truly memorable.

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