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SKATE 4: Is Tony Hawk joining the series?

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Skate, the stick flicking skateboarding series produced by Electronic Arts, is enjoying a bit of a revival in the gaming world. Following the brilliant announcement that Skate 3 was joining the list of Xbox 360 titles playable via backwards compatibility on Xbox One, EA community manager Daniel Lingden shared this incredibly teasing tweet this week.

Could it be? Is Skate 4 going to become a reality? The thought of cruising through a high-definition open world on a deck, popping grinds and carving up the town with friends online is enough to make a skate fan giddy. However, the rumour mill has only just begun to spin...

In an interview with Jenkem, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk discussed the early days of his iconic Pro Skater series, from fighting to get it on the Nintendo 64 to almost striking deals with Midway and Rockstar Games. It's an incredible article featuring great behind the scenes insight from lead artist Silvio Porretta and producer Scott Pease and if you're a fan of the series you should definitely give it a read. However, there is one particularly enticing nugget of information that the Birdman lets slip. When asked if he was working on any future titles, he responded:

"Not from Activision. I’m potentially working on something but it’s so early I couldn’t talk about it. I don’t have any contracts signed but it’s exciting. I feel like it’s with the right people so I should know more in the next couple months."

tony hawk skate 4

Holy crap. Could Tony Hawk be in early talks to join the Skate 4? Many fans flocked to Pro Skater's rival due to the refined controls, innovative gameplay and grounded treatment of the skate scene. The Skate series was a preferable alternative to the zany, Jackass fare that Activision and Neversoft would deliver and despite trying to rekindle that nostalgic flame with Pro Skater HD and the abysmal Pro Skater 5, Tony's series is well and truly dead and buried. The star power of Tony Hawk and his branding could be exactly what EA needs to relaunch the franchise.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Skate is due for a comeback? Does Tony Hawk's potential involvement in Skate 4 excite you? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!