REVIEW : Jellyatrix – E Numbers

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Anyone in the UK chiptune scene will probably know the author of this album, if not by the name Jellyatrix then by his music blog moniker ‘Chip! Bit! Sid!’ Based in Manchester, he runs the Chip Bit Day festival as well as  featuring in a couple of GameFace’s ChipBattles shows. ‘E Numbers’ marks Jellyatrix’s first […]

How to Win at Chiptune #1: Your First Steps

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For the first installment of this series, I want to get right to the point: how to progress from a bedroom recording artist to getting live gigs. When I started out, I thought that chiptune musicians were limited to performing at specifically chiptune shows. Many people, chiptune producers included, don’t realise how the novel way we […]

Nintendo NX: A Cartridge Revival?

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As more information about Nintendo’s secretive new “NX” console trickles out, the most interesting piece of news that’s filtered through has been about the physical games themselves; The Wall Street Journal has dropped some pretty heavy hints that the Nintendo NX will use games on cartridges rather than discs. As I think about it, I […]

New Overwatch Animated Short: Dragons

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For everyone awaiting the full release of Blizzard’s exciting new multiplayer shooter Overwatch, a new promotional animated short has been released entitled, “Dragons”! The short features Genji and Hanzo from the upcoming game, squaring off in a similar style to the previous video “Alive” with Tracer and Widowmaker. Feast your eyes on the whole playlist […]

Pokemon Sun Moon Starters Cover

Pokémon Sun & Moon starters revealed!

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Just today, another piece of exciting news about the new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon has been released! In a Youtube video and press release from Nintendo, we can now see which Pokémon you’ll be able to choose from at the start of your 7th-generation Pokémon adventure! Here’s a run-down of the brand-new Pokémon and their statistics: Rowlet Category: […]

Capsule Silence XXIV – New Anamanaguchi! But there’s more!?

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Capsule Silence XXIV is something else… Last night, one of Chiptune’s oldest (and recently, most controversial) bands Anamanaguchi released.. A game!? Capsule Silence XXIV was originally advertised as an FPS/RPG hybrid where the player rescues the band’s members, but that all seems to have been an elaborate PR stunt. Whatever it is, it’s working incredibly […]

Chronowolf Genesis Cover

ChronoWolf – Genesis: A Genre-Defying Adventure!

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Genesis is an experimental concept in a genre that’s built for experimentation. The debut album from ChronoWolf strives to blur the lines between chiptune and orchestral music using electronic synths, classical instrumentation and compositions that combine the two. Mat Van Rhoon, AKA ChronoWolf, has an extraordinarily diverse musical history. His background includes composing for TV and […]