Welcome to ChipBattles.

GameFace matches up Chiptune artists from all over the world in exciting live face-offs. Are you ready for a whole new kind of Chiptune show? Better get your GameFace on.

The rules are simple.

The two competitors are given a custom-produced backing track before the event to come up with some of their raddest riffs. Whatever your style, bring it hard and make every note count. It's all about getting in your opponent's face and getting the crowd jumping. Three rounds. Sixteen bars per round. Save your heaviest hits for the finale. 
As for how it goes down once the show starts.. Well, check out the video playlist! When it's your turn, you're in control. Show the other guy who's boss and throw some shade! Just remember that at the end, the audience decides the winner.
As a viewer, you can still get involved! We have a vote button on each ChipBattles video so click it and make your mark. Don't forget to leave a comment to support your favourite battler!

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Get Involved

Think you have what it takes? Got beef with another artist, or want to get involved with photography or write-ups of our events? Drop us a message on and we'll add you to our contacts. If you're down to Battle, we'll find you a match and a venue as soon as the opportunity arises.


ChipBattles will make any event one to remember. We can find Chipmusicians local to you or go big and match up a couple of heavyweights. We provide the artists, technical expertise and hype. To discuss pricing and availability contact us.


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