Super Real Mario Odyssey


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After Super Mario Odyssey made its debut at the Nintendo Switch Presentation, several jokes and memes cropped up online. However, this one is far and away our favourite. (Warning: not safe for work!)Thanks to the power of mod tools, YouTube user CrowbCat takes Mario into the ‘real world’ of Grand Theft Auto IV following comparisons between the announcement and […]

Nintendo Switch Presentation


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Last night, the gaming world watched with anticipation as the Nintendo Switch Presentation emanated live from Tokyo, Japan. We got to see and learn more about the console, its features and the launch line-up of games. Check out the full presentation below:For brevity, let’s run down the list of need-to-know facts about Nintendo Switch.It can be yours […]

Nintendo NX: A Cartridge Revival?

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As more information about Nintendo’s secretive new “NX” console trickles out, the most interesting piece of news that’s filtered through has been about the physical games themselves; The Wall Street Journal has dropped some pretty heavy hints that the Nintendo NX will use games on cartridges rather than discs. As I think about it, I […]

Pokemon Sun Moon Starters Cover

Pokémon Sun & Moon starters revealed!

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Just today, another piece of exciting news about the new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon has been released! In a Youtube video and press release from Nintendo, we can now see which Pokémon you’ll be able to choose from at the start of your 7th-generation Pokémon adventure! Here’s a run-down of the brand-new Pokémon and their statistics: Rowlet Category: […]