Meet The Team!

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Graeme “GameFace” Booth

Graeme. Mr. GameFace. Daddy G. If you’re here, you’ve likely heard him as the voice of GameFace, our live radio show and podcast. If something geek-centric is happening, whether it’s a chip-music festival or a gaming expo, you’ll see his enthusiastic grin. As founder and overlord of GameFace, Graeme is involved in just about every aspect of the GameFace experience as well as raising baby Zelda, the most important thing in his world. Since June of 2014, Graeme has watched GameFace grow into a home for all things niche; fostering the Chiptune community as well as indie game developers and a legion of nerd-fans! Graeme also provides awesome DJ services for club nights and events; a choice selection of retro and current video game tracks with GameFace’s unique personality.
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GameFace’s resident Chip-music maestro, Auracle discovered the Chiptune scene a couple of years ago and made himself right at home. With a monthly spot on the GameFace radio show, a slew of live shows and DJ sets and his first album on the way, it’s been a busy couple of years! Auracle handles the newest addition to the GameFace family; BitNoise. Promoting and reviewing the best new Chip-music in the UK and helping newcomers get into producing music using Gameboys like he does. If you’re interested in how Chip-music is made, he’s your man! Auracle is also available for any events that need music! Whether it’s a live set straight from his custom-modded Gameboys or a night full of the best Chiptune around, he’s your man.
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Stephen “DunningKruger” Rowlatt

Ste plays an important role in GameFace’s business and production side, working hard behind the scenes of GameFace’s live appearances and Youtube sets as well as up front with his regular involvement with the Radio show; he appears on the first Sunday of each month! Working as an audio engineer for TV, he’s probably the most qualified of all the GameFace crew, helping to shape the show into the marvel it is today! With his love for modern tech and audio-visual hardware, Ste is currently exploring new ways to bring GameFace to you including some exciting new VR possibilities, pushing GameFace’s content to the technological limit! Ste produces awesome dubstep tracks under the alias DunningKruger, with his music regularly showing up in the GameFace radio show playlist, and he’s even making his first forays into the world of chiptune using Nanoloop! That is, when he’s not dominating the other guys at Smash Bros…